Selected Projects
Laser Spectroscopy
The initial steps in human sight are photo-induced reactions that cause changes in the configuration of molecules in the eye. Dr. West undertook this fundamental study using one- and two-photon low temperature optical spectroscopy to study these initial photon induced events.

NanoTechnology Development

Under the SBIR program Dr. West wrote several proposals resulting in several million dollars in awards to study the feasibility of advanced high density digital data storage, new types of sensors, and imaging instrumentation. This effort resulted in the award of several U.S. Patents.

Scanning Probe Microscopes

Scanning Probe Microscopes such as the atomic force microscope are credited with facilitating major advances in nanotechnology. Dr. West managed the development of several complete probe microscopes  from concept to manufacturable products. In aggregate over $150,000,000 of these microscopes were sold through the world.

Sales & Marketing

Two companies were merged having 11 products, 5 direct sales offices, and redundant sales channels. Dr. West initiated a strategic realignment, 4 products were identified as profitable, and the other products were discontinued. Several of the direct offices were shuttered, and sales channels were rationalized. As a result of this strategic realignment the companies sales increased by 50% in two years.

Floating Hot Tubs

Boaters often have leisure time in the evening to relax. A portable floating hot tub was created that can be deployed in about 10 minutes and can use both fresh and salt water. A powerful flash water heater heats the water to 104 deg. F in about an hour.  This product development resulted in a commercial product (

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